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NT Private Line
NT Private Line is the domestic and international private leased service, which provides the highest stability and security in sending and receiving data.

Service detail

NT Private Line is the domestic and international private leased service, which provides the highest stability and security in sending and receiving data. The service utilizes optical fibers, which has a nationwide coverage as well as submarine cable systems for international leased circuits. Moreover, NT facilitates one-stop service for international private leased circuit. The data transmission speed can be ranged from 64 Kbps to 155 Mbps, supporting multimedia (data, video and voice) transmission. With service quality assurance for the entire route, communiNTions between offices, both domestically and internationally, can be as easy as your wish.

Main features

Technical Features

  • Data transfer speeds 64 kbps – 155 mbps
  • Physical Interface V.35, G.703
  • SDH service


Transmission system

  • Copper Wire
  • Optical Fiber
  • Microwave link

The features of channel and coaxial cable system are followed in a standard of ITU-Recommendation

The efficacy of data transmission

With a network that is connected all time, NT private line service is suitable for  a lot of information transmission including the image data, Audio and Multimedia which need privacy, high security and speed constant. Hence, it effects to work effectively and to help improve the success rate of business completely as much as possible.

Security system

NT Private Line is a system designed to prevent disruption completely. There is  network management system supervised by a team of specialists  including service center   available 24 hours for any complaint. The system can protect business data of users more effectively. By linking circuits of each client separately (DediNTed Circuit), ensures stability and safety to transform the data in high level without violating the rights of data transmitted over NT private line.

Warranty Service

NT Private Line has guaranteed quality of service and compensation for circuit interruption time limit specified in the contract terms and conditions.

Service areas

  • NT private line (DPLC) provides service nationwide. There are centers  of NT Telecom and customer service units in all provinces of the country.
  • NT International Private Line (IPLC) available covering various countries worldwide through a network of Submarine Optical Fiber by collaboration with service providers who is the Global Network Operator. NT is a leading global provider via the core network such as AAG (Asia-American Gateway), SEA-ME-WE3/4 (Southeast Asia-Middle East-Western Europe), TIS (Thailand-Indonesia-Singapore), FLAG (Fiber-Optic Link Around the Globe) and the network cable , fiber optic underwater no other spot to land in Thailand, such as Japan-US, China-US, Trans-Pacific Cable (TPC), C2C, TGN, ACPN2.


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