CAT 001
It is international telephone service (international direct dialing, IDD) by dialing access 001 from every mobile phone and fixed-line telephone networks. Simple making call, the best call quality, showing every calling number (CLI), without disturbing noise, and non-delayed voice signal.

Service in details

This is international telephone service or IDD (international direct dialing) by dialing access 001. Making international call is simple. Call conversations have high quality without both disturbing noise and delayed signal. Calling number is shown on every call (show CLI) and can use for facsimile sending at high efficiency. International call by dialing 001 can be made from both fixed-line telephones and mobile phones of every network providers. The service provides calls to 233 destinations worldwide. 

To make call

Dial digits 0 0 1 > country code > area code / mobile code > destination number, for example, making a call to Beijing, China, dial 001 > 86 > 10 > destination number

Call charge (tariff)

Minimum call charge is 1 minute. The following minutes count as units at 6 seconds per unit. A sub-unit fragment on each call is rounded to 1 unit.

Download CAT 001 rate


          USA charging rate does not include both Hawaii and Alaska.

          Using CAT 001 from any fixed-line telephone, customer will receive the separate service invoice issued by CAT.

          Using CAT 001 from any mobile phone networks, the service charge amount either will be included in the monthly telephone bill of the mobile postpaid customer, or will be deducted from a refill card of the mobile prepaid customer/mobile refill system.

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Registration for special volume discount

International telephone customers using CAT 001 and CAT 009 via any fixed-line telephone networks are welcome to register for combining invoice statements (Group bill) with CAT. The group bill application is for a highly used customer to get the special volume discounts at 5 – 10% regarding the monthly service charge as following.

Service charge per month (Baht)                Discount amount (%)

          From 10,000 up to 30,000                        5

          Over 30,000 but not over 50,000               7

          Over 50,000                                          10



          No limit in terms of the amount of fixed-line telephone numbers to be collected for a group bill.

          Combined group bill facilitates the receiving process of monthly bill.

          No registration fee and no monthly fee.

          Service charge has not been included the value added tax (VAT).

          Group bill volume discount is applied for the use of CAT 001 and CAT 009 from domestic fixed-line telephone in Thailand, excluding, mobile phone numbers, CAT2Call plus numbers, and CAT one-connect numbers.

          The service balance date appeared in the bill is started on the first day and is ended on the last day of each month. Balance of the current month cannot be added to the following month.

          The discount is only applied to the monthly service balance from the telephone numbers under the same Billing Account ID.


Download the application for special volume discount


From August 2015 on, users of CAT 001 and CAT 009 who have the balance less than 50 Baht per month will not receive the printed bill for that month. However, the bill will be sent whenever either the balance has been collected up to 50 Baht or the service duration reaches 3 months. (It depends on which condition comes first.)


Remark: There are some business contact numbers inside the United States with their information that to make a phone call from other foreign countries are Call Collect, for example, 1-605-335-2222 which is a contact number of CiTi Bank credit card company in the US. If anyone makes a phone call with CAT 001 from Thailand by dialing digits 00116053352222, he or she will be charged with CAT 001 rate for the international phone call.



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