CAT Provides Support to Hotels, Launching CAT Covid Tracker App as System to Track Health Conditions of Overseas Tourists

    CAT teams with IBM to develop CAT Covid Tracker service, launching web application system for hotel and alternative state quarantines (ASQ) to enable tourists’ health conditions tracking. The system will help reduce risks and build confidence once Thailand reopens its doors to overseas tourists.



     Dr.Wongkot Vijacksungsithi, Senior Executive Vice President of Digital Business of CAT Telecom PCL, said that today, CAT is focusing on developing digital services to bring increased efficiency to businesses. Covid-19 has brought severe impact to our country and we see the need to help recover economy. CAT has hence launched the CAT Covid Tracker web application service as a system to track and report Covid-19 risks for hotels and those ASQ accommodations. This will enhance country’s readiness and ensure that strict measures for foreign visitors are in place, in alignment with government’s country reopening policy.

      “CAT Covid Tracker application allows ASQ hotels to strengthen its measures in tracking daily health conditions of guests using digital systems instead of having its personnel checking about this directly at guest rooms. The system will help reduce the risks from direct contact or exposure with guests during the 14-day quarantine period, while also increasing the safety of hotel officers and those locals working on site, allowing everyone to feel confident and have peace of mind.”




      CAT Covid Tracker system allows ASQ hotels or accommodations to manage guest’s information efficiently. Once hotel’s system administrator grants username and password for guests to allow for real-time health data tracking, guests will be able to record their daily health conditions (using thermometers and devices as per state-quarantine rules). The system will automatically create report files for hotels for further submission to Department of Disease Control. The app also supports the online chat with doctors or nurses from the partnering hospitals, which will enhance guest’s confidence on their safety. With the hotel staff’s health conditions tracking feature, the app will provide notifications when cases are found, allowing personnel to protect themselves from the possible spread, treatments in place in a timely manner.

      CAT Covid Tracker system is part of measures in monitor and tracking health conditions of overseas visitors coming to Thailand, in support of government’s economy and tourism boost initiatives. All ASQ hotels across Thailand, especially those in Phuket area which are the target of reopening for overseas tourists in October, can contact CAT shops countrywide for further info on CAT Covid Tracker service.


       CAT Covid Tracker is developed within a speedy one-month timeframe, under the collaboration between CAT and IBM. The system leverages the capabilities of CAT’s cloud services, together with experiences in open source management and support services from IBM. The system will allow ASQ hotels and overseas visitors traveling to Thailand to have a monitoring and notifications system that leverages advanced digital innovation, to effectively help prevent the spread of Covid-19.


         “IBM is glad to bring our world-class open source management service to support the launch of the CAT Covid Tracker, which is aimed at curbing the spread of Covid-19 virus effectively while bringing convenience and ease of use to both users and stakeholders. While Covid-19 has brought about a widespread crisis, it also accelerated the need for digital transformation. The app is a great example of digital innovation to help the tourism industry, which is the lifeline of Thailand’s economy and ensure the pandemic situation is promptly and efficiently handled,” said Patama Chantaruck, VP for Indochina Expansion and MD of IBM Thailand.

            For more details, please contact Digital Business Department Tel. 0 2104 3835, 09 1451 6155



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