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ศูนย์รวมข้อมูลข่าวสารและกิจกรรมต่างๆ เกี่ยวกับกิจการสื่อสารโทรคมนาคม

CAT supports Thai entrepreneurs with IT Solution services


  CAT Telecom Public Company Limited organised the “ CAT Talk for Startup & SMEs” seminar in a bid to increase knowledge for entrepreneurs in late March. Presented in the event were experts from various fields who were invited to share their experiences in business. Dr. Dhanant Subhadrabandhu, CAT Executive Vice-President in Marketing and Sales, said “Digital markets are interested in Generation C, also known as Gen C, as their lifestyles always live online, stretching from browsing data, building networks, disseminating news, receiving and sharing information to consuming goods and services. The study of consumer behavior therefore pushes our businesses into the right marketing channels. At the same time, the entrepreneurs who always follow new technologies could promptly adjust themselves. The emerging trends such as Cloud Computing, E - Commerce, or IoT generates business opportunities. A number of technologies and innovations are used as appropriate tools to enhance our businesses in a sustainable manner. As a telecommunication facilitator, the corporate provides IT Solution services to assist several kinds of services, including e - Business, Cloud Solution, and network services. The selection for businesses should be comprehensively deliberated so that it could reduce a production cost and make a sustainable profit.”

      “The corporate supports the government’s policy to push forward a concrete Digital Economy plan by extending the fiber optic network and developing the internet gateway network as part of the key development of high-speed internet so as to ensure an inclusive, stable digital infrastructure with reasonable prices building upon the national economic and social development,” addressed Dr.Dhanant.

       Meanwhile, Mr.Kittinant Anupunt, the founder and developer of “Claim Di” application, which is one of SMEs receiving seed funding from foreign venture capital, disclosed “The development of this application is built upon the insurance system to assist both customers and insurance companies. In case of a car accident, the customer could make an insurance claim on the spot within 15 minutes by taking photos and sending them to the firms through the application saving more than 90 percent of their time. In doing so, the insurance company would save costs as it does not have to send the insurance representative to the scene. In terms of Business Model, the application is clearly imposed and relentless in order to provide highest efficiency, as well as to meet customer’s expectations. We always further our ideas and make the most out of technologies.”

       “Claim Di” application is an example of Thai entrepreneur who uses innovation as an opportunity to succeed in business. Experiences shared by speakers are beneficial for participants. For more information about thought-provoking seminars, please follow us at

        CAT Telecom Public Company Limited is a big data communication facilitator which possesses the most comprehensive network and is ready to provide telecommunication-related services to private sectors for a robust, sustainable digital economy.