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Manage branch connectivity networks easily and efficiently with CAT SD-WAN


Today SD-WAN has become a fundamental technology that organizations are waiting for. Many companies particularly those who are having more than one office and branches start using it. SD-WAN will ensure in running the organization’s network more stable and seamlessly. SD-WAN is suitable for organizations that are expanding and downsizing their sizes rapidly and also is designed to support the application access securely and stably.

"In this article, we will introduce you to the CAT SD-WAN technology which is an alternative for your business to grow steadily and efficiently."


 The Traditional WAN Problems


Organizations already connected to external business or branches networks.  However, when it comes to the era of technology transition, the trend has changed with the increasing demand of bandwidth usage and its higher stability access to services and information on the cloud as well as the more networking links between branches. As a result, WAN system is more complex to manage than before. This includes working system tracking, network loss tracking, network quality monitoring, link load balancing management and network security policymaking. The analysis of network usage data for small business groups may be able to manage the existing networks but it is more complicated for businesses which have many branches and links to handle with. Thus SD-WAN has been developed to serve the needs of all users and solve these problems.


What is SD-WAN?


The Software-Defined Wide-Area Network (SD-WAN) is a technology that integrates complex technologies into a single system. SD-WAN is comprised of two major components; the hardware component which is installed at the headquarter office and branches, and the software component on the cloud that will control the whole system.


The prominent features of SD-WAN services are…


  • Zero Touch Provisioning: SD-Wan can be installed easily by setting up the configuration of the device on Cloud in advance. This process will increase speed for implementation and minimize errors during the installation process.    


  • Centralized Management: System management, device settings and data prioritization, can be configured and controlled centrally, right down to the application level.   


  • Multi WAN Support: SD-WAN can support multiple wan connections such as MPLS, Broadband Internet and 3G/4G. Furthermore, it can create an Active/Active environment, resulting in a more stable communication platform.


  • Cost Saving: As SD-WAN device can send data directly to the branch offices through the internet, this can reduce the internet bandwidth usages at headquarter. Furthermore, the user can use Broadband Internet or cellular network (3G/4G) which is cheaper than Private network.


  • Data Analytics: SD-WAN device can enable head office to analyze the data usage of each branch easily, as well as monitoring and investigating incidents in real time.          


By integrating these capabilities of SD-WAN with CAT's efficient wide ranges of networks such as the private network, Corporate Internet, Internet Broadband, 3G/4G and also a high-quality team that will support the customers for the installation and after-sales service, enabling CAT to be ready to provide services for customers as a one stop service.


For the system administrator, they can easily manage the system with a centralized network management and track the damage and quality of the network branches in one screen. In the meantime, users can work smoothly and stably.


Thus CAT SD-WAN can reduce workload for IT administrators and for all users; they can get a better using experience at the same time.


For those who are interested in using CAT SD-WAN,

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